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I lived on the Monterey Peninsula in the early 1970s and was highly influenced by the photography masters who lived or worked near Carmel and Big Sur. In my mind, nothing compares to the silver gelatin prints made by these masters from large format negatives. This tradition is carried on by a few dedicated artists. But It was too much effort for me as an advocation and I abandoned photography for four decades. Fortunately, we now have amazing, readily available digital technology. When I took up photography again in 2018, I discovered that the joy of seeing and composing through the lens of a camera and the satisfaction of holding a print in my hands were still there. For this, I am grateful.

I have many interests and influences in photography; but, I’m most drawn to the surrounding central California environment, my home since early childhood. Much of this environment bears the marks of people both past and present creating fascinating images and stories. I treasure the local, the small scale, and find beauty in both ordinary and eccentric places and constructs. I also enjoy the freedom to choose my subjects without concern for gain. However, like most, I enjoy sharing my work with others who may empathize with the subject matter or presentation. 


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